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Teaching Placements in York


As every year, a number of students from the 6th semester have been given the marvellous opportunity to spend their teaching practice on placement in York schools (March 4th - 25th). The 17 trainee teachers were divided up and allocated to four different schools: Park Grove Primary, Haxby Road Primary Academy, Clifton Primary & Nursery and St. Olave’s (both St. Peter’s). During our stay, we gained first-hand experience in terms of the British school system and were given a wonderful insight into how teachers in England work with pupils. Teaching and assisting aside, we also got to know the country up, close and personal. Amongst other things, we went on a field trip to Whitby and Robin Hood Bay and on our free weekends we had the chance to explore the breath-taking countryside at our leisure. On one occasion, our supervisor, Markus Wiesinger, organised an after-school party for us, including our head teachers and some other members of staff, and we thus spent an unforgettable evening together, being wined and dined by Markus and his family friend Greg Harrand at Hedley House Hotel.

 Our time in York has definitely helped to improve our English skills and absorb the British lifestyle thanks to our host families. Every single one of us is more than happy that we have been given the chance to spend three weeks in England, and this is why we would like to share this experience with our fellow students at a Q&A meeting very soon.

 Our special thanks go out to Vice Chancellor Mag. Berta Leeb and the International Office for their unwavering support, to Dr. Gabriele Zehetner,  Head of the Teaching Practice Department, and to our Austrian supervisors Marlene Bauer, Gudrun Keplinger, Wolfgang Kuschnigg, Neil Stainthorpe and Markus Wiesinger for helping us with their valuable experience/ expertise and for being there for us almost around the clock. We would also like to thank our host families and, especially, Zoe Lightfoot, Jo Sawyer,  Philip Hardy and Andy Falconer, our head teachers at our schools in York, and their staff for making our stay such a memorable one.