Cornerstones of courses


  • Bachelor 8 Semester (240 EC)
  • Master 2 Semester (60 EC)


  • “Bachelor of Education” (BEd.)
  • “Master of Education” (MEd.)

Admission: prerequisites

  • School leaving exam (comparable to A-levels) of a general or vocational secondary school or access certificate
  • Admission procedure


  • 4 years of full-time course attendance to attain a Bachelor's degree (qualifies for fixed-term teaching employment); 
  • 1 year of full-time course attendance to attain a Master's degree (qualifies for continous employment)
  • Teaching years 1 to 4
  • Practical classroom training from the start of the first semester
  • From Semester 5: Option to choose an elective
  • Additional option, after attaining a Master's degree: studying for a doctorate at a university