Bachelor thesis & Defensio

Guidelines for writing a bachelor's thesis

  • The 'Guidelines for Writing a Bachelor’s Thesis' are available to all teachers and students at the Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz. By assent of the Rector and Vice Rectors these guidelines are binding for the Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz.
  • The form 'Bachelor’s Thesis – Title Page' has to be completed in accordance with the 'Guidelines for Writing a Bachelor’s Thesis'.
  • The 'List of Criteria for Bachelor’s Theses' encompasses all aspects relevant to the assessment of a bachelor’s thesis.

Downloads for the Bachelor's Thesis

Tips on writing an academic paper (March 2016)
Guidelines for writing a Bachelor’s Thesis (June 2016)
Guidelines for gender-appropriate language use at PHDL (June 2015)
Formatted Word template (individually adaptable, July 2016)
Guide to writing your Bachelor Thesis in English

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