Institute Media Education

Our core work focuses on the development, guidance and evaluation of innovative teaching and learning processes utilising digital media.


"The core task of the Institute of Media Education is to impart media competencies and an increasing user awareness of the practical classroom relevance of media literacy. In initial as well as in-service and supplementary training courses, we endeavour to equip students with the background required for critically analysing media content and for using and creating media judiciously."

A comprehensive portfolio of seminars on media pedagogy, education technology and informatics in in-service and supplementary training for teachers covers numerous aspects of the use of digital media in the classroom. The post-graduate training course 'Education and Technology' rounds off our range of offerings.


The Institute participates in national and international research and development projects dealing with media pedaogy and education technology, both as initiator and as a co-operative partner of other teacher training institutions.

Novel forms of teaching and learning require state-of-the-art teaching and learning environments. By establishing the media studio, the Institute of Media Education aims to put the spotlight on future developments in educational infrastructure.


The smooth running of a digital media classroom requires professional support. In addition to providing first-level support with technical glitches, the Institute of Media Education offers support in matters of methodology and optimal use of digital media.