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To reserve journals by mail: bibliothek[at]

  • Enter the journal number together with the year of publication and number of edition.
  • If you do not know these details, you can search FIS-Bildung.
  • In this search template, only tick 'Journal Essay'.
  • Please do not try to reserve any journal on permanent display in the reading room.

Pädagogik Z – 29 / 2005 / 1

List of journal (valid September 2015)

media2go - Digital Library Uper Austria

media2go allows you to access a large digital library of 22.000 items. Students and teachers at the Private University College of Education can use them free of charge.

Registering with media2go

  • Browse the extensive offers of media2go
  • Select the item required.
  • To open your user account, select 'Bibliotheken Oberösterreich'.
  • Your user ID is the library number 40101016 plus your enrolment number.
  • Your default password is your date of birth: DDMMYYYY.

For further information go to the
The library staff will be pleased to assist.
All teaching materials available may be used in the classroom.

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