Practical classroom training primary school

When and Where?

  • At the Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz, practical classroom training primary school is part of the QTS initial training course throughout.
  • 300 partnership schools (e.g. primary, special needs, . . ) in Upper and Lower Austria look forward to welcoming highly motivated students.
  • The course offers a variety of specialisms (e.g., inclusion, music, sport, etc.) to focus on in the course of school experience.

How and who?

  • During the QTS initial training course for primary school, students benefit from professional guidance by expert mentors. 
  • Experienced and specifically trained mentors provide guidance for students at the respective partner schools; they put their classes at the students' disposal to enhance their competences.
  • We - the team of the Department of Practical Classroom Training - organize and schedule practical classroom training and are ready to provide expert guidance for students any time.

More detailed information about specialisms