QTS Primary Level

Shaping society

Teaching is an attractive, varied, and at the same time demanding career. It aims to provide guidance for children and young people along their journey through life and education, offering them orientation in a complex society and encouraging them to play their part in shaping it. Above all, primary education, with its claim to be a school for all children, makes great demands on young teachers.

Bachelor's / Master's degree as a cornerstone of your teaching career.

A completed QTS training course at the Private University College of Education of the Diocese of Linz constitutes the basis for a career in primary education or for additional studies at other universities. We provide the professional environment for practice-oriented and scholarly training courses.

The Bachelor's course lasts four years and qualifies for fixed-term teaching employment. For continuous employment, an additional Master's course is required, which can also be completed at the Private University College of Education of the Diocese of Linz. It can either follow on to the Bachelor's course immediately, or in parallel with the induction phase at a school. The one-year induction phase, with guidance offered by experienced teachers and mentors, facilitates career entry.

On completion of the Master's course, there is the option of going on to study for a doctorate at a university.