Course of study

Option A

Course new QTS primary school with QTS RE (Catholic) primary school (6-10 year-olds)

Bachelor (BEd) 8 semesters (240 EC)
Master (Med) 2 Semesters (60 EC)

From the 5th semester: specialism
Religion and the development of spirituality (63 EC)

Option B

Course new QTS primary school, with QTS RE (Catholic) for primary and lower secondary school (6-15 year-olds)

Option A plus supplementary master’s degree: “RE and Spirituality for 10-15 year-olds”

Bachelor (BEd) 8 semesters (240 EC)
Master (MEd) 3 semesters (90 EC)

New Curriculum QTS primary school

Option C

QTS RE (Catholic) for secondary school (10-19 year-olds)

Combined courses are offered in Linz in cooperation with Private Catholic Theological University Linz.

Two subject courses, with one RE (R. Catholic)

Additional information: Secondray school

Bachelor's degree (BEd), 8 semesters (240 EC points in combination with a second subject)
Master's degree (MEd) 4 semesters (120 EC points)

A career that's to do with life...

"Knowing about religion/s - Developing spirituality - Learning to live in fulfilling relationships" is the motto of the new curricula for QTS RE (Catholic) primary and secondary school.

The new courses provide the chance to gain profound insight into Christian beliefs and the cultural importance of Christianity for Europe. Dealing with values and traditions of other religions helps students to gain competences for interreligious dialogue. The new courses focus on linking essential theological knowledge to RE pedagogy and methodology. In keeping with spiritual Christian traditions and a pedagogy of care and attentiveness, the new RE courses open up the chance to practise down-to-earth and liberal forms of spiritual bonds conducive to enhancing respect for all things living.