Working group: Equality issues

What is the working group for equality issues?

Pursuant to Universities Act 2005 (Section 21, para 2), the working group is tasked with 'combating discrimination by official organs of the Private University College of Education of the Diocese of Linz on account of gender, ethnicity, religion or ideology, age or sexual orientation'. The working group cannot pass any ruling. It provides support and guidance for those affected in their endeavour to resolve their individual dilemmas. 

Members of the Working Group

The working group is made up of at least 12 independent members bound to secrecy. All strata at the University College are represented: 

  • teaching staff
  • administrative staff
  • students

What is the remit of the working group?

  • Combatting discrimination
  • Advising and supporting university college staff and students
  • Asserting rights relating to equality and human resources issues
  • Contacting expert witnesses in specific cases
  • Appealing to the University Council
  • Appealing to a specific member of government
  • Drawing up an annual progress report

What are the rights of the working group?

  • Right to information, participation and checks in matters of equality
  • Right to access information
  • Right of appeal to important bodies tasked with decisions

Procedural issues in the event of discrimination

Anybody affected can turn to the working group (gleichstellung[at], which will then pass on the case to the respective body. Any decisions under suspicion of discrimination may be passed on to the University Council for settlement.

What is the government action plan for women and work?

The government action plan for women and work is reflected in Section 24 of the provisions of the university articles, and the women's equalisation plan in Section 46.

The advancement of women at the university college aims to take into account the specific competences of women in all fields. The object is to increase the ratio of women in all organisational units and hierarchical echelons. Another aim is to safeguard equal working conditions for both women and men.

The overarching aim of the action plan is to achieve equality with regard to

  • gender
  • age
  • ethnic origin
  • nationality
  • religious affiliation 
  • health
  • disability
  • sexual orientation


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