Building A

Main building

Second floor

Teaching room numberRoom categoryNotes
AD01Departmental office A01
AD02Departmental office A02
AD03Departmental office A03
AD04Departmental office A04
AS01Seminar room A01
AS02Seminar room A02
AS03Seminar room A03
AS04Seminar room A04
AS05Seminar room A05

First floor

Teaching room numberRoom categoryNotes
AD05Departmental office A05
AD06Departmental office A06
AD07Departmental office A07
AD08Departmental office A08
AD06Seminar room A06
AD07Seminar room A07
AD08Seminar room A08
AD09Seminar room A09
AD10Seminar room A10

Mezzanine floor

Teaching room numberRoom categoryNotes
Course and Examinations Department
Human Resources Department

Ground floor

Teaching room numberRoom categoryNotes
AD15Departmental office A15Gymnasium, F
AD16Departmental office A16Gymnasium, M
AD17Departmental office A17above Gymnasium, M
AD18Departmental office A18above Gymnasium, F
AFGSGymnastics Room
AFJBLibrary for Young Readers
AFSBSwimming pool
AH01Lecture hall 1
AH02Lecture hall 2
AS11Seminar room 11Media workshop
AS12Seminar room 12Integrated subjects
AS26Seminar room 26
AS27Seminar room 27Counseling centre
AULAAssembly Hall
Counseling centre
Library and media library
Media office
Office assistence

Basement 1

Teaching room numberRoom categoryNotes
AD09Department of Practical Classroom TrainingCoordination
AD10Departmental office A10Departmental office
AD11Departmental office A11Handicrafts technical / textile
AF01Science lab A01
AF02Science lab A02
AF03Department of Practical Classroom Training
AF04Course-line secondary level
AH03Lecture hall A03
AS13Seminar room A13Music
AS14Seminar room A14Music
AS15Seminar room A15Music
AS16Seminar room A16Handicrafts textile
AS17Seminar room A17Music
Institute of QTS Training (lit.)
Institute of QTS Training (rel.)

Basement 2

Teaching room numberRoom categoryNotes
AD12Departmental office A12Physics/Chemistry
AD13Departmental office A13Art
AD14Departmental office A14Biology
AH04Lecture hall 04
AS18Seminar room A18Biology
AS19Seminar room A19Art
AS20Seminar room A20Applied Graphics
AS21Seminar room A21Handicrafts technical
AS22Seminar room A22Handicrafts technical
AS23Seminar room A23Handicrafts technical
AS24Seminar room A24Chemistry
AS25Seminar room A25Physics