International links

"International teaching and research exchanges play an important role at our institution. From the third semester, our students can spend one or two semesters abroad. They will not lose a semester since all examinations taken abroad are fully recognised here.

Also our teaching staff avail themselves of the opportunity of expanding their knowledge base abroad and presenting our research outcomes. For years, the Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz has been leading the field of Austrian universities and university colleges in matters of teacher exchange."

International research cooperations

In the field of research, there are numerous cooperations and projects in place with our partner institutions within Europe, and 14 partner universities outside Europe (e.g., Brazil, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines). Currently, the Institute of Research and Development is involved in a number of international research projects. The researchers at the institute give talks and present papers at numerous national and international congresses. The knowledge and experience gained there impact on teaching in pre-service, in-service and supplementary training. Thus, training at the college of education is constantly updated and adapted to new demands on school.

List of international research cooperations

International exchanges


Spending a semester or two abroad and encountering new people and cultures is a unique experience. On average, 70 students per year seize the chance to improve their language skills, expand their knowledge base and their professional competences. They spend one or two semesters at our partner universities in Europe, Asia and Africa. Conversely, we welcome visiting students to our institution, above all from Asia and Europe.


Every year, some 75 teachers of the Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz avail themselves of the chance to spend a week at one of our international partner institutions. Personal contacts and an exchange of views foster international cooperation and open up new perspectives.  Among the preferred countries are Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Similarly, we welcome numerous visiting lecturers from abroad every year.

Contact: Centre for International Relations

Leeb Berta, Vizerektorin

Leeb Berta, Mag. BEd Prof.

Head of Centre for Int. Relations, Erasmus Coordinator

Reiter Gerda-H.

Reiter Gerda-Hildeborg, Mag.

Dep. Head of Centre for Int. Relations, Incoming Students