Incoming Students

Studying in Linz

Language Requirements

Language of Instruction: mostly German. For access to the complete course lists, German B2.

Elementary Teacher Education: German-speakers only, minimum B2 (as of 2025/26)
Primary Teacher Education: non-German speakers welcome
Secondary Teacher Education: non-German speakers welcome

Non-German speaking students must prove their English language proficiency by submitting an official language certificate, proving B2-English (total of all 4 competencies of reading, writing, listening, and speaking).
Please note, that we can only accept recognized certificates, such as the OLS-Test (CEFRL-based), TOEFL, TOEIC, Aptis ESOL. Confirmations by int. coordinators do not constitute a recognized certificate.

Study Programs

  • Elementary Teacher Education, Bachelor only
  • Primary Teacher Education, Bachelor & Master
  • Secondary Teacher Education, Bachelor & Master

Grading System

1 = excellent (outstanding performance)
2 = good (generally good, but with some errors)
3 = satisfactory (generally sound work with some substantial errors)
4 = sufficient (performance meets the minimum criteria)
5 = fail (< 50%; substantial improvement necessary; requirement of further work)

If your university is using a different grading system, it is your home university’s responsibility to provide you with a conversion table.


ECTS credits represent the time needed to complete all required learning activities, e.g. physical attendance, paper-writing, project and practical work, self-study or exam time.

  • 30 credits equal the workload of a full-time academic semester.
  • 15 weeks/semester                                                                                                                                       
  • One credit = approx. 30 hours of work.
  • Full/half credits are always rounded up to the next full number for incomings students to match the Erasmus-standard of full ECTS: e.g. 0,75 ECTS = 1 ECTS.

Buddy-Program/Student Welfare

PHDL buddy coordinators will attribute an Austrian buddy to each incoming student, who will support you from the very beginning of your stay. Professional advice and counselling available in English and German.

Living in Linz


Campus Dormitory, Salesianum Student Residence: a certain no. of rooms reserved for incoming students (WS: until August, SoSe: until Christmas).
After the deadlines, the rooms will be passed on to other applicants. The PHDL cannot guarantee accommodation at the Salesianum.

Reservations and Information: Please contact the managements of your student residence directly, s. also links below.

  • Salesianum:
    Monika Matzinger:, Phone: +43 (0) 67687764680
  • Junges Wohnen – Guter Hirte (Caritas): Within walking distance to the PHDL;
    Andrea Pflügler:, phone: 0043 676 87768839, 0043 732 777861
  • Froschbergheim/Europahaus:
    Veronika Harrer:, Phone: +43 660 9101 576

Short Term Accommodation: Youth hostel within walking distance of the PHDL.
Otherwise, we recommend using AirB&B or

Salesianum Student Residence
Junges Wohnen - Guter Hirte (Caritas)
Youth hostel: (within walking distance of PHDL)
Want to share a flat?

Public Transport in Linz

If you are eligible for reductions, your buddies will help you to obtain travel cards for reduced public transport in Linz (Aktivpass/Megaticket), s. links below.

Linz Aktivpass - reduced public transport in Linz
Linz Megaticket - students’ semester travel card for public transport in Linz

Before your exchange


Nomination Deadlines: 15. April (WS), 31. October (SoSe)

Step 1 towards your mobility: official email-nomination by your international office at home, sent to the PHDL.
Please note, that the PHDL will only process nominations containing all following items of information:

  • student´s first name and surname (= family name)
  • study program at home
  • intended study program at the PHDL
  • semester of arrival (WS or SoSe)
  • duration of stay
  • student´s email address

After our email confirmation students may contact us directly.

Organising your stay

After your PHDL-application, please reserve a room ASAP!
Most student dorms ask for a deposit to be returned at departure. In case of cancellations, the deposit will be refunded until 1 month before your arrival.
For all matters of accommodation please contact the managements of your dorms directly. (s. above)

It is the student’s responsibility to make adequate insurance arrangements for all eventualities and for the duration of the entire mobility including travel times.
For approximately €60 you can get a students’ general health insurance, e.g. with the "Österreichische Gesundheitskasse" (ÖGK). S. link below

EU-citizens need an Electronic Health Insurance from their home country (EU-insurance card).
Please note, that EU-insurance normally does not cover any transfer-costs to your home country. For this, we recommend an additional travel insurance (check out credit card agreements, which sometimes include a travel insurance).
Non-EU-citizens please check with your insurance at home for possible agreements between your country and Austria. We recommend an additional travel insurance.
Please note: Credit card insurances usually do not cover the necessary general health insurance, they mostly include travel insurances only. Please check with your bank!

application from your home country and well in advance! Your university coordinators can provide you information specific to your home country.
For different countries’ visa regulations, embassy- and consulate- addresses, visa procedures etc., s. link below.

Österreichische Gesundheitskasse – Selbstversicherung für Studierende
Visa regulations, embassies, consulates, visa procedures


Application Deadlines: 15. May (WS), 15. November (SoSe)
The PHDL will send you a link to our secure online application-survey.
You will receive an official confirmation of application afterwards to be used for visa applications, room reservations etc.

Language Certificate: Non-German speaking students must upload a recognized language certificate as part of the survey, proving their B2-English proficiency level (s. Language Requirements above).

Mandatory Courses: Native German speakers do not need to take the otherwise mandatory German course.

PPS – Practical Pedagogical Studies: Please study all pages of the diagram PPS-types below. Language levels and workload will be the determining factors for your choice.
PPS III can only be chosen by native speakers of certain languages.

Optional Music Courses: open even to beginners.
To secure a place you must make up your mind in the application. In step 7 of the survey, you may choose up to 3 instruments. Please note, that your choice constitutes a commitment and must be included in your OLAs.

Additional preparations required for

  • Secondary Teacher Education ‘Music Education’
  • Secondary Teacher Education ‘Movement and Sports’
  • Secondary Teacher Education ‘Arts’
  • Free movers

For details please s. Manual via link below.

What to Prepare for Application Survey
Mandatory Courses, Winter Semester
Mandatory Courses, Summer Semester
PPS- Types, Diagram
CEFRL -Language Self-Assessment
Manual for Incoming Students

Learning Agreement/Courses

Deadlines: 15. August (WS), 15. December (SoSe)

Erasmus+ students
find the ELA (OLA) in the pipeline of their home university’s mobility tool (EWP).
Non-EU students will receive an email with a word.doc to fill in.
We still accept paper versions in case of technical problems or if your university is not connected to EWP, yet. For paper-version procedure, s. Manual.

The LA is a legal document. Please note: Incorrect information, e.g. regarding your language proficiency level, may result in the cancellation of a mobility by the PHDL.

Choice of Courses:
Students with B2-German
may choose from the complete PHDL course list, s. link below.
Non-German speaking incoming students, please choose from the “Course suggestions for Non-German Speaking Students”. The PHDL can only guarantee a maximum of 30 credits per semester to non-German speakers.

Please note, that at the time you need to deal with your OLA all universities are still planning next year’s course lists, hence, all links lead to the current semester rather than to the semester of your mobility. All course lists are regularly updated and constitute the most current version available at the time of your Learning Agreement.

Course Registration/Schedule: Based on your OLAs, the PHDL will register you for the courses in our online system. - Please DO NOT register for courses yourself!
We will set together your timetable, which you will receive on day 2 of the Orientation Week.
In exceptional cases, changes to your choice of courses can still be made within 2 weeks after arrival.

Manual for Incoming Students
Course suggestions for non-German Speaking Incoming Students, Winter Semester
Course suggestions for non-German Speaking Incoming Students, Summer Semester
Komplettes Lehrveranstaltungsverzeichnis PHDL
Learning Agreement for Students from Non-EU-countries

Travelling to Linz

Airports: Vienna, Salzburg, Munich -> train to Linz
Linz Airport -> Shuttle bus or organise pick-up service offered by our buddy-volunteers.
Students under the age of 26: We recommend buying a rail pass even before travelling to Linz, the ÖBB Vorteilscard Jugend, s. link below.

ÖBB Vorteilscard Jugend – rail pass for Austria

During your exchange

Orientation Week/Arrival

Please organize your arrival so that you can physically attend the first day of the mandatory orientation week.  

Pick-up service: Our buddy-volunteers hope to be able to pick you up at Linz Main Train Station or at Linz Airport. Please contact your buddy about your date of arrival.  

Arrival time/Dormitories: Please reconfirm at your dormitory and coordinate with your buddy, whether … 

  • somebody will be around to hand over your keys when you arrive.
  • your dorm room is equipped with bedding (pillows/duvet/sheets).  

Certificate of Arrival: provided by your university (check website/pipelines of mobility tool at home).  
If you cannot find the form, contact your home coordinators. Please note, the PHDL will only sign forms that have been filled in completely by the student!  

HPHDL-Membership Fee: €24,70, payable on day 1 of your Orientations. Membership with the Austrian student union, the HPHDL, is mandatory for ALL students in Austria. Part of the fee is used for a students’ accident and liability insurance, which covers all university related activities. Be aware, however: This is not a health insurance!  

Registration of Residence: registration form provided by management of your accommodation; to be submitted within 3 days of arrival at the registry office at BürgerInnen-Service, Neues Rathaus, Hauptstraße 1 - 5, Urfahr  
Your buddies will help with this during Orientation Week.  

Health Check for Students from Non-EU-Countries
Students from Non-EU-countries need to prove they don't carry tuberculosis bacteria. After your registration of residence, you will receive a government letter informing you about the date/time of a routine tuberculosis check with a public medical officer. If you've had a lung x-ray within the last 2 months, you may send this instead.  Without a recent x-ray, it is in your best interest to keep the health check appointment! For more information, s. Manual.  

Manual for Incoming Students

Learning Agreement – changes

In exceptional cases, changes to your choice of courses can still be made within a trial-period of 2 weeks after arrival.
Those changes must be implemented into your OLA within 5 weeks after arrival. Please contact your home coordinator for technical instructions regarding your OLA.

Additional German courses

In addition to the weekly German courses at the PHDL, you may book intensive German courses at the VHS Linz at your own expenses. “Aktivpass”-holders may do so at a 50% discount.

Musical Instruments for Hire

PHDL music rooms are equipped with an organ, pianos, guitars, an accordion, percussion, and Orff-instruments, which must remain in the music rooms at all times. All other instruments must be organized by the student.

Instruments for Hire: at very reasonable rates at local instrument maker, standard-EU credit card (mastercard, visa, …) required. For further information s. link below.  

Instrumente Danner

Ending your exchange

Certificate of Attendance/Departure

provided by your home university (check website/pipeline), some unis re-use the Certificate of Arrival.

If you cannot find the form on your website/in your pipeline, contact your home coordinators. Please note, the PHDL will only sign forms that have been filled in completely by the student!
The dates of your mobility must match those in your financial agreement (max. tolerance: 5 days).

Deregistration of Residence

At the end of your mobility, you must deregister your residence at the registry offices. This is a legal requirement, please make sure you do this no earlier than three days before you leave!

Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records lists all the grades and courses that you have completed during your exchange period. The PHDL-coordinator will email your ToR within 5 weeks at the latest.

Please note, that the PHDL may refuse to recognize learning outcomes if the student doesn't meet the requirements. (e.g. the student took courses that weren't approved in the ELA, didn't complete a course, had irregular attendance, or failed to deliver the required assignments).


Reiter Gerda-H.

Reiter Gerda-Hildeborg, Mag.

Dep. Head of Centre for Int. Relations, Incoming Students