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L024 - Inspiring internet tools to engage your EFL learners · Using digital media profitably instead of optimizing "old pedagogies"

In this practical workshop hands-on toolkits and inspiring internet tools for practitioners who would like to explore the basics of internet-based language teaching will be the focus of attention. Simple but effective tools and tricks for the digital EFL lesson will be presented in order to make the internet as ”tech-free” and pedagogic as possible.

Ref.: Thomas Schöftner
Ort: ohne Ortsangabe, online

Mi. 9.11.2022
17:00 h bis 19:30 h
Zielgruppe: AHS, BMHS, BS, LWS, MS, PTS, BAfEP

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L053 - Virtual Tea Time · Teachers’ think tank – updates on current affairs and esl tools

This online series provides a virutal room for teachers to speak English, discuss research on esl teaching, exchange experiences, challenges, tips and tricks for the classroom. There is always a ’topic of interest’ and material to try out in class. Occasional ’surprise guests’ add an extra kick to the sessions. Participants are also welcome to join only one or two of the meetings. Flexible participation is fine, too, and new discussion of dates within the group possible. If you like speaking English, join us.

Ref.: Christine Mitterweissacher
Ort: ohne Ortsangabe, online

Di. 6.12.2022
16:30 h bis 18:00 h
Mi. 25.1.2023
16:30 h bis 18:00 h
Do. 23.3.2023
16:30 h bis 18:00 h
Di. 18.4.2023
16:30 h bis 18:00 h
Mo. 22.5.2023
16:30 h bis 18:00 h
Zielgruppe: AHS, BAfEP, BMHS, BS, LWS, MS, PTS, ASO, VS

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L907 - Getting Back on Track · Motivating tricks and brush up techniques for the new school year

The main emphasis will be on our own speaking abilities. There will be sufficient input of ideas and speaking activities, which can also be done in the class at different levels. We will indulge in small talk on various topics, express personal opinion on current topics, exchange practical tasks used in today’s English classroom and enjoy outdoor and indoor activities to motivate pupils to talk. ”Learning by Doing” is our motto, and it will be shown how very little preparation is required: minimum input, maximum output!

Ref.: Philippa Rechberger
Verwaltungsbeitrag: 16 €
Ort: 4284 Tragwein, Bildungshaus Greisinghof

Do. 31.8.2023,  9:00 h
bis Fr. 1.9.2023,  13:00 h
Zielgruppe: AHS, BMHS, BS, MS, PTS, BAfEP

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